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The word for ‘when’ in Spanish is cuándo. Hear it said by clicking the button below.

Here ‘when’ and its translation, ‘cuándo’ are used in a sentence. Read the text and click the button to hear it read out loud.

When Cynthia went to the day care, she wasn’t so bad.
Cuándo Cynthia iba a la guardería no era tan mala.
Excerpt from No-Work Spanish, Poster Girl.

Finally, still one more example of the word ‘when’ being used in Spanish. Enjoy!
When is used in English and Spanish
I don’t care when we get to the church and find I’m wearing a shirt that Mom and Aunt Terri call lavender, but it looks pink to me.
No me importa que cuándo llegamos a la iglesia me han dado una camisa que dicen ser color lavanda pero para mí es rosada!

– excerpt from The Case of the Missing Poodle

If you would like still more examples of when being used in Spanish, go to:

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