Spanish Listening Comprehension – Hot Tips for Improving Yours

Kate Kerns by Kate Kerns
Can you figure out what they are saying when people speak Spanish?

Spanish Listening Comprehension is an extremely important skill and yet most people struggle with it. It’s understandable why we struggle. Native Spanish speakers talk QUICKLY and the way we are taught Spanish with vocabulary lists and made-up sentences does not correspond to conversational Spanish.

So what to do to improve your Spanish listening comprehension skills? Here are some ideas:

Idea One

Use an audio program specifically aimed to develop listening comprehension skills in Spanish. No-Work Spanish audiobooks primarily teach language comprehension. Each story is read with each sentence said first in English, then in Spanish. After a chapter has been read in English and Spanish, it is repeated in Spanish alone, to reinforce the Spanish version in the listener’s mind and build their ability to understand a full Spanish passage. No-Work Spanish stories are available on CD’s or as audio downloads.

Idea Two

Spanish Movies with English Subtitles
Watch Spanish Movies with English Subtitles

Idea Three

Watch short videos of Spanish speakers talking. Try to understand them on your own. Then read the transcript in Spanish and if needed, read the translation in English. At the time of this writing, there were well over 100 videos grouped by difficulty level and topic at Note that to hide a transcript you click on the N (shown below) for ‘No transcript’. You also have ‘S’ for Spanish and ‘E’ for English as Comprehension Website My thanks to whoever put together these videos, they are an awesome resource!

Idea Four

Test Yourself through one of the following options:
Go to: and click on one of the Listening Comprehension Proficiency Practice Exercises.

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