Study Spanish in Spain (or Mexico or Latin America)

There is nothing quite as exciting as studying Spanish in Spain. Learn a bit in the classroom and then go on out and give it a try in real life. No need to practice your Spanish for the sake of practicing, use it to communicate!

I recommend choosing a program that will leave you plenty of time to go out and have fun. After all, most of us work for a living and are going to use our vacation time to study Spanish in Spain, so let’s make it FEEL like vacation.
Kite Surfing While Learning Spanish
Which one of these photos feels like the kind of Learn Spanish option that you are looking for?
How about this?
Or this?
Don Quijote’s programs to study Spanish in Spain, Mexico or Latin America will allow you to go scuba diving, cooking
Learning Spanish and Scuba Diving
kite surfing, or hang out in a hammock (photo from Playo JacoPlayo Jaco Spanish Langauge School.

I really like Don Quijote’s programs since they also give you a variety of living options – anything from living with a host family (very economical and culturally enriching), staying in student residences (a bit more social) or deluxe accommodations (a treat), including a hotel in the center of Barcelonahotel in Barcelona.
learning Spanish in Spain
So which person in picture is learning Spanish? Potentially all of them. These photos were taken from Don Quijote programs.

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